Traveling around the world, being photogenic

About me

Living in the cozy bookstore Riemer & Walinga in Ermelo, The Netherlands, a 61 years old lady called Sigrid de Reus decided to take me with her on a one year trip around the world to take photos of me at all the visited places. I did not want to, but what can one do …….

She is calling herself Adventure Girl, which is a laugh at the age of 61. I guess she does not want to make photos of herself because I am much prettier.

I am a meerkat and the ugly name Frizzle was made up by her (of course).

Leaving at 7 April 2022 and then being transported in a backpack for 365 days.
What a nightmare!

I hope something good will come out of this. Looking at me you must admit that I am really photogenic, so maybe I will become very famous and known all over the world. 

So if you pitty me, please follow me on FB and Instagram to make me a real celebrity. 

Frizzle rules the world (doesn’t sound bad, does it?)

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